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Acadia is a county of Avalonia, located southwest of Albion. It is one of the largest counties in Avalonia, both in size and population. The county is ruled over by Lord Brandon, and the capital city is Rivendell.

History Edit

Acadia was originally settled by settlers from the south. Besides village leaders, the area had no official government. However, in 98 AH, Artorious Rex landed on the shores of Avalonia. After defeating House Baine, Artorious founded the guild of Avalonia, and Acadia was granted to one of his major generals, Lord Thomas. After the death of Lord Thomas in Nocturnus in 105 AH, his younger brother, Lord Brandon, who had been a vassal to his brother, assumed leadership.

Government Edit

Acadia is ruled by a Lord, currently Lord Brandon. He is assisted by a council of advisers, who are usually made up of each of the vassal lords. However, since Lord Brandon is mostly away at court in Albion, Lord Thomas's neice, Lady Adelena, rules the county.

Economy Edit

Geography Edit

Military Edit

Acadia, being one of the most fertile and populous regions in Avalonia, and Historica, can field some of the largest armies. The soldiers of Acadia number around 4,000, while the Rivendell city guard and the Oakwood Order provides 200 and 100 soldiers, respectively.

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