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Alexander Vandangant

Alexander Vandangant (alias Wedge09) elven archer of Avalonia.


While the other Elves prefers to stay hidden in the deep of the forest, his thirst for knowledge leads Alexander, going against the dictates of his race, to abandon the forests and begin a journey to discover the world outside the Enchanted Forests. After touching, during his travels, various parts of the continent, including the sultry regions of the south and the cold northern regions, and have come in contact with different cultures, Alexander found in the Western Region a place to which he feels he can fight.
Alexander swears allegiance to Avalonia, he swears to defend the land and all the people from anyone who will try to hurt them.''
Alexander, like all elves, is a great archer and uses his bow, always kept in perfect condition, as the main weapon while, when it comes to a close clash, uses a sword of elven steel.

Past and presence residentsEdit

Hidden Garden, Avalonia


Type Name Location Photo
Free build

Alexander Vandangant Adventures - part 3, Encounter

Hidden Garden EB Topic

Figure ComponentsEdit


BL Part #


Yellow Minifig, Head Male Smirk, Pupils, Stubble Beard and Moustache and Sideburns Pattern / Dark Brown Minifig, Headgear Hair Short, Tousled with Side Part

3626bpx301 / 62810
Torso Brown Torso SW Loose Shirt, Black Belt and Silver Buckle Pattern (Naboo) 973px89c01
Arms Tan Arms / Brown Hands 973px89c01


Brown Hips and Legs


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