The People of Arkaine come from descandents of Mitgardians and Avalonians. Arkaine is a Avalonia State that is on the Mitgardian-Avalonian border. Arkaine has both Avalonian and Mitgardian customs, thus making it a very multi-culture State. The Current Lord of Arkaine is Lord Brickington, Siege Expert, Sheriff of Avalonia, Lord High Executioner, High Chief of Agriculture, Champion of Avalonia, and King of Castle.  


The Military of Arkaine has both Avalonian and Mitgardian customs. The famous force of Arkaine are the White Riders of Arkaine. Their headquarters are at Fortane Fortress. Of course, there are always a couple of regualar Avaonian soldiers around who either have been sent to Arkaine or visiting. 

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