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Dragonport is a port city located on the western coast of the Eastern Grasslands of Avalonia. It was the landing site of Artorious Rex during the Dragonflight, and was the intended capital of Avalonia afterwards, though Artorious abdicated before construction was finished and plans could be made. Dragonport is the fifth largest city in Avalonia, after Albion, Sionnach, Trifork, and Lys.

History Edit

Before Artorious' landing, there was no settlement in what is now Dragonport. When Artorious landed, he built a stockade as a temporary defense, and left 500 men there to hold the position after he marched on. Once the war was won, Artorious had plans to build a great city on the spot, one that would rival even Petraea. However, he would remain in Albion until construction was finished. Two years later, when Artorious abdicated, the new lords of Avalonia had no plans to move the capital, and plans for the city were put on hold. However, local lords have still been funding the construction until it is finished.

Government Edit

Because Dragonport doesn't lie on any lord's land, the city is directly ruled by the Lord of Avalonia from Albion. There is a city council, and a representative, usually a council member, to represent the city to the Council of Lords in Albion, though the position doesn't make the person a lord. It has been suggested that Dragonport be given to the Lord of Avalonia's younger son.

Economy Edit

Being a port city, the economy of Dragonport is based on trading and fishing. Its centralized location, like Lys, its neighbor to the south, makes it ideal for traders from the Mystic Isles and Enchanted Forest, Kaliphlin, and Mitgardia, to come to the city.

Geography Edit

Since it is in the Eastern Grasslands, the surrounding area around Dragonport is covered in grass, though a decently sized forest also surrounds part of the city. The area around Dragonport is relatively flat, and there are no rivers or lakes of note.

Military Edit

Dragonport almost solely relies on its city guard, which is made of only about 250 soldiers, for defense, since the distance between Dragonport and Albion is too far for soldiers to arrive on time. However, the lords in close proximity to the city will provide soldiers in times of strife.

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