The Eastern Grasslands is a large grass covered area located in eastern Avalonia. At one time, the


Albion, Avalonia's capital.

grassland also covered Nocturnus and Kaliphlin. The area is highly fertile, and regarded as the "Breadbasket of Historica."

Description Edit

The Eastern Grasslands is a grassland that covers most of eastern Avalonia, save for a few forests. The grasslands also have lakes and rivers, and the ancient capital city of Avalonia, Albion, is located here.

History Edit

Not much is known about the history of the grasslands. All that is known was that once, thousands of years ago, the grassland covered all of Kaliphlin and Nocturnus. However, the Kaliphlinian grasslands were engulfed my a large sandstorm that also buried the city of Kaligem. The Nocturnian grasslands, however, were changed into a swampy, dark area by the Drow.

Today, the Eastern Grasslands are populated by many races. Most of the grassland is divided into numerous Counties, each ruled by a lord.

Inhabitants Edit

The main race of the grassland are Humans, though Elves and a small number of Dwarves live there too. It is also possible that tribes of Drow live in the Eastern Grasslands, even after their defeat in the Avalonian Civil War.

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