Elves are the second oldest race in Historica, after the now extinct druids. They first came to Avalonia around 3,400 years ago, and eventually spread through the continent. However, since their defeat in the Elvish - Drow War, elves are no longer the dominant nor powerful race.

Race of Elves Edit

Though they have lost much of their former power and influence, Elves continue to be some of the most prominent in Avalonia, where they originated from. Elves are also a civilized race, and build many grand castles and cities.

Distribution Edit

Though elves can be found in every guild, the largest numbers of elves are in Avalonia, Kaliphlin coming in second, Mitgardia in third, and almost no elves in Nocturnus and Varlyrio.

History Edit

Elves first came to Avalonia around 3,400 years ago, when a fleet of elven ships, led by Dallaenus, were crippled in a storm while pursuing the Drow. They stopped by in the Enchanted Forest of Avalonia to rest for the winter, and founded an outpost, Sevlani Dru. While in Avalonia, they destroyed a small group of Drow. With the Drow gone for now, Elves started to migrate into Avalonia, eventually spreading into other regions.

Over the next few hundred years, the race of elves prospers during the Golden Age of Elves. Little do they know that the Drow are amassing in their underground cities. Around 2,700 years ago, the Elvish - Drow Wars begin. Over the next nearly one thousand years, the Elves and Drow clash, with the Drow getting the upper hand. Three of the six elf lords return to their homeland, while the rest of the three flee in the Enchanted Forest and Mystic Isles.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Elves are known for their extreme beauty. They also do not appear to age physically either. Elves, however, are most know for their pointy ears.

Behavior Edit

Elves are most know for their possession of magic, to a limited amount. They also have far better senses than most humans. Elves are also connected to nature, and it is not uncommon for some females to go barefoot sometimes to get more close to nature.

Society Edit

Elves have a hierarchy of their own which is similar to humans, after interacting with humans for so long., but have only two classes. The commoners and the nobility.

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