The Enchanted Forest is a large, enchanted forest in the farthest west region of Historica, in Avalonia. As


suggested the forest is enchanted, filled with magic, and is populated by numerous tribes of elves, although there are human populated counties, such as Circardia.

Description Edit

The Enchanted Forest is a vast forest covers a large island west of the Avalonian mainland. Around the Forest, there are many rivers, and in the middle is Lake Vanhorn.

History Edit

Not much is known about the history, but it is said that the trees in the forest sprung up from the grave of an ancient wizard, suggesting the forest is very old. What is known is that about 3,400 years ago, a group of elves, pursuing the Drow, landed in the Forest after their fleet was damaged by a storm. The elves stayed in the forest for the winter, even establishing an outpost, Sevlani Dru. The forest eventually lost it's importance as the elves spread out across the land, but after a defeat in the Elvish - Drow War, the elves retreated to the Forest, and it eventually became known for its elves.

Thousands of years, the Enchanted Forest was mainly elven populated, even as humans came to populate the lands of Historica. However, a man named Orthus, fleeing his homeland, settled in the forest and founded the hamlet of Circardia with a few companions. After Avalonia was founded, more Counties were established in the forest, making it no longer populated only by elves.

Inhabitants Edit

As said, the main race in the Enchanted Forest are the Elves, though humans are also starting to grow in number. Though they have been defeated in the Avalonian Civil War, it is said that there are still tribes of Drow living in the forest. There are also many bands of outlaws and bandits who take shelter in the forest.

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