The Frozen Beyond is an icy region north of Mitgardia. Though it is separated from the rest of the continent by a strait, the strait is usually frozen, and one can cross from one side to the other. There are no known settlements in the region. The Frozen Beyond is ill-omened, and not much is known about what lurks there.

History Edit

The Frozen Beyond doesn't have much of a history. The original inhabitants of Mitgardia, the Norsemen, only settled on the southern part of the strait, since the region north of the strait was too cold and barren, even to the Norsemen, who were used to cold.

In 104 AT, the Algus, a legendary race that was said to come from the farthest north, swept south to the lands of Historica, destroying everything in their path. However, Kaliphlinian scholars, reading old records, learned of a number of vulnerabilities, including to fire and Drakrydarian steel.

After driving back the Algus to the deepest north, some northern Mitgardian lords founded the Eternal Flame, an order that swore there lives to protect the people of Historica should the Algus return. To start the order, Mitgardian lords have built the first castle for the order, and armed it with 1,000 Drakrydarian swords.

Geography Edit

The Frozen Beyond has not been mapped, save for the southern shore. That part of the Frozen Beyond is barren, flat land, with only snow and ice. However, the closeness of to Guild of Drakrydar has given the eastern shore a warmer climate, allowing small forests to grow.

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