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Sir Brandon Stark


1000 years old

Lys is an island province in the northern Mystic Isles of Avalonia, close to the Overgrown Isle.

History Edit

Lys was built around 1000 BH, by Avalonian settlers, most likely as a trading post. Being far away, the port city escaped most of the strife of the chaos that ensued after the Fall of the Kaliphlin Empire. After the foundation of the Kingdom of Historica, Lys prospered more, as more bonds were created between the guilds. During the Dragonflight, Lys sided with House Rex, though the ruling house was driven to near extinction. Thus, Lord Artorious Rex granted the Province to Brandon Stark, illegitimate son of a House Drondil vassal, Lord Lynderly. To secure his claim, he married the last remaining daughter of the previous ruling house.

Government Edit

Lys is ruled by a Lord, who is advised by the Lord's Council. Though by law, the lord as almost absolute power, members of the Council can still influence the Lord's decisions in many ways. The current Lord of Lys is Brandon Stark, though since he mostly resides in Albion, Lord Stark's wife, rules the province in his name.

Economy Edit

The economy of Lys mostly relies on trade with the rest of Avalonia and its northern neighbor, Mitgardia. Two other key parts of the economy are farming and fishing.

Geography Edit

The geography around Lys is like any in Avalonia. There are many forests, and the soil is extremely fertile. There are not many rivers since the island is not very large. Lys is mostly flat.

Military Edit

The City Guard of Lys acts both as a law enforcement and military force for the city, and are fiercely loyal to the Lord of Lys. Besides, defending the city, the soldiers also protect the surrounding lands. They City Guard consists of 500 soldiers.

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