Okatowan (hill in the bay) is a small island located on the eastern coast of Kaliphlin. It is the lone island in Ishiwan Koy, (Stone bay) a small cove within the much larger cove, Aamina Koy. It is rumored to contain the portal to the fabled Kakushi-sho. There is but one entrance to Ishiwan Koy- Shākunokuchi (mouth of the shark)


Ishiwan Koy is surrounded on all sides by the towering cliffs of the Rakath Mountains broken only by the narrow inlet known to the locals as Shākunokuchi connecting it to Aamina Koy.

On the north-western side, the Sarab River empties into Adskhan Koy cascading over and out of the cliffs in a collection of waterfalls known collectively as Khalida Falls.

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