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Rivendell is the largest city and capital of the Avalonian county of Rivendell. Like Sionnach, Rivendell is a planned city, founded by Sir Thomas in 98 AH. The city rapidly grew and is one of the largest cities in Avalonia.

History Edit

Rivendell was founded by Sir Thomas, after he was granted the county of Acadia by Lord Artorious Rex after he founded the guild of Avalonia in 98 AH. Thomas had been one of his top commanders during the Dragonflight. Instead of expanding the existing towns or villages in the county, Sir Thomas decided to build a whole new capital, which he called Rivendell. He hired Kaliphlin architects to plan the town. Over the years, the port town grew to become the largest city in Acadia.

Government Edit

The city is ruled by the Lord of Acadia, who is also the Lord Mayor of Rivendell. There is also an elected city council, which holds the real power in the city.

Economy Edit

Geography Edit

Military Edit

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