Port City




Lord de Gothia


About 100 years

Sionnach is a large port city in the County of Benoic located on the banks of the Avonmora River. Originally a small village, the city is now the capital of Benoic and second largest city in Avalonia, after Albion itself.

History Edit

Many years before the landing of Artorious Rex into Avalonia, a man named John de Gothia established a small fort and village called Gothia. Eventually as the population was growing, people started to move out, and establish farms and villages across the land. One of these was Sionnach.

For years, Sionnach was a sleepy little village on the Avonmora. However, after Gothia was destroyed by elemental monsters during the Revolword War, the current Lord de Gothia hired architects to rebuild Sionnach into a great city. Currently it is the only settlement besides the Trifork and Albion itself to be classified a city by the Royal Cartographers' Guild of Albion.

Economy Edit

Being situated next to a river, and an important one, Sionnach mostly relies on fishing and trading. Due to Benoic's trade alliances with many Kaliphlinian cities, namely, Barqa and Eastgate, spices and black oil are common imports.

Geography Edit

The surrounding countryside of Sionnach consists mostly of grasslands and a few forests. Being located in eastern Avalonia, often called the "Breadbasket of Historica, there is much fertile farmland that feeds Historica.

Military Edit

Sionnach is protected by Benoic's army, which, though small, is well equipped, well trained, and consists of a couple of deadly ballistas. There is also no heavy cavalry, but instead there are lightly equipped soldiers for faster attacks.

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