The Southern Ocean is the great ocean to the south of the Siccus Badlands and Gorr.

The Drain is located in the Southern Ocean, near the southeastern tip of Gorr.


Type Name Description By Photo
Elemental Crystal Quest for the Water Crystal Four comrades retrieve the Water Crystal in cavern under The Drain after defeating various guardians Gex Marmota
Melting the Ice to get the Water Crystal
Boat (freebuild) Kaliphlin Fishing Boat Typical Kaliphlin outrigger fishing boat in rough seas Lord Erudhalion Sansael
Elemental Crystal The Isle with No Name The Water Crystal is discovered in a cave on a mysterious island Lord Erudhalion Sansael
Elemental Crystal The Piscithopter Hydrophobia The Water Crystal is retrieved from an island by Sinbad Rasputin Jones

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