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The Trifork is a large port city located at the fork between three rivers, hence its name. It is pending recognition to be classified as a port city by the Royal Cartographers' Guild of Albion, and if it does, will be the only city besides Sionnach and Albion to earn this title. The current lord of the Trifork is Sir Beorthan.

History Edit

Besides the basic history of the Trifork, not much is known. From the end of Kaliphlinian control to the Flight of Dragons, history was barely recorded. Most citizens though, will know the basic history of their city through generations of storytelling.

Long ago, a small village was erected at the fork between three rivers, an ideal place for settlement. Eventually, the population grew, and the city was expanded to across the river. The city is still growing to this day, and is a major trading point.

Economy Edit

Like most river cities, the Trifork relies on two industries, fishing and trading. In addition, one of the rivers leads to Mitgardia, one to Nocturnus, and one to Kaliphlin. The town also has many markets across the city which sells goods from all over Historica and beyond.

Geography Edit

Most of the land outside the city are wet marshlands, though when you get closer to the city, the land becomes fertile farmland, like most of Avalonia. There are also small forests.

Military Edit

Though inland, the Trifork is a river town, so a large number of the military consists of warships, which guard the area in times of war. The city also has many towers and gatehouses for guarding the land.

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