Ulandus Map

Ulandus is a large landmass to the south of Kaliphlin. Though it was mythical and said to be missing for years, it was discovered in 104 AT after the Great Disturbance created a land bridge linking it to Kaliphlin.

History Edit

Long ago, Ulandus was a part of Historica. However, about 2,000 years ago the Pharaoh Ark'Mora Raa sunk the landmass and split it from Kaliphlin as they rose in revolt. Ulandus was a large landmass though, so he failed to wipe out all the Ulandians, and the survivors continued to live in the remains of the landmass.

In 104 AT, 2,000 years later, the Great Disturbance in Kaliphlin created a land bridge that linked the two lands once more. Around the same time, the Pharaoh was resurrected, and both sides tried to get the Kaliphlin High Council of Lords to their side.

Each lord decided to support a different group either because they believed it was right or because it benefited them the most. Thus, the Kaliphlin Civil War broke out, with three sides, Ulandus, the Desert King, and the High Council. Though the Desert King won the war by conquering Petraea, Kaliphlin has not united.

Geography Edit

Ulandus mostly consists of mountain ranges, which surrounds the whole landmass like a natural wall. In central Ulandus there is a large lake called Lake Umphala. Besides that, most of Ulandus is barren, inhospitable land, and Ulandians live in one of the five largest cities of Ulandus.

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