• LegoElrond

    To Do List

    April 9, 2016 by LegoElrond

    Okay, so its been a long time since an article was edited. I am your de facto leader, as our leader has gone inactive. Currently, most of the articles on the wiki are separate storylines created by users for their own sig figs. As of now, there is no central storyline, just a bunch of separate stories that do no use to the reader. While I will allow you to create a page for your character, city, etc, the main goal is to write a single main story for the events of the wiki. That means we have some work to do, so that the next group of people looking to join GoH at least have a basic clue. Below is a list of articles we need to create or update.

    1. Flight of Dragons 

    The Flight of Dragons was supposed to be group that founded Avalonia. However…

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