Southern Mitgardia






Jarl of Mitgardia


About 200 years old

Valholl is the capital city of Mitgardia, located in the valley of Mitgardia at the fork of the Antler River. The city is a major trade center, since it is located at the intersection of many important trade routes.

History Edit

While earlier guilds had been settled for thousands of years, Mitgardia was barely settled due to its harsh terrain in the south, which made travel difficult. The first Mitgardians were the many non human races, including dwarves, orcs, and goblins. However, there were many groups of Norseman clans in the far north.

About, 200 years ago, a group of people settled in Mitgardia, following trade routes, and looking for natural resources that were scarce in the rest of Historica. They traded with the local Norsemen, and soon established small villages of their own. One of these was Valholl, which would grow into the largest city in Mitgardia.

Economy Edit

Like most Historican cities, being built next to a river, and close to trade routes, Valholl's economy is based on three things, trading, fishing, and shipping. Fish is plentiful in the river, and Norse goods are brought down into Valholl, many of which are sold in the markets, while others make their way south to the other guilds.

Geography Edit

Though one would expect that Valholl, being in Mitgardia, is covered in barren, snow covered lands. However, it is quite the opposite. Mitgardia is full of forests, just like in Avalonia. There are also many rivers in the guild, which carries fish that feeds the people.

Military Edit

Like some of the guilds, Mitgardia does have a single large army. However, some Mitgardian troops are sworn to their lord, and in times of war, the lord will provide them to the Jarl. The military consists of infantry, archers, and cavalry.

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